Swedith’s Page


Swedith (rhymes with Edith) is the personification of infectious, unfettered joy at just being alive. Swedith takes life as it comes. She does for herself, can be fine by herself, but also fully engages in social interchange, good naturedly doing for others and well as satisfying her own needs.

Zen and the Art of Sweepin’

Take cleaning for example. Swedith is a Zen sweeper. She loves the art of wielding a “cleanin’ broom” in magical and creative ways. She sweeps to get rid of the mess, but equally to have a unified mind-body experience that transports her to a new level of physical and mental consciousness. So, she is happy to help out and clean up after the other characters, always looking for opportunities to fine-tune her craft.

She has a mischievous streak that especially surfaces with Goose, whom she prods and kids. Lina, the hippo, has a bit of that also, so the two play off one another.

Swedith tells jokes that no one gets, but that doesn’t even slow her down. She is, like Tink, a problem solver for others, but does so with no sense of pressure. She loves to sing and get everybody together. She calls everyone, “Old buddy,” even if she never met them before. Like Goose, Swedith expresses herself in quaint colloquial terms. Like Tink, she loves to soak her feet in Beanbag Pond, the center of cultural life on Tina.

Here is where Swedith lives with her broom sculpture.

Swedith’s house with broom sculpture


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