Tink’s Page


Originally an Elephant who relied on his strength and endurance to do much of the farming on the island, providing food for all, Tink began to grow in other directions when Swedith and Goose arrived on Tina. Always possessing a boundless optimism, Tink expanded his repertoire first to include practical problem solving and later, philosophical/poetic musings. He became an inventor of ingenious artifacts to make life easier on Tina.

Tink often looks after Snee, the Rabbit, who needs a protector and helper, and Lina, the Hippo, who needed a pachydermal playmate. Tink would regularly bring carrots back to the little rabbit and also provide solace during his moments of struggle.

Tink, the Negotiator & Philosopher-Poet

But it was when Goose and Lina fought over Goose’s buntin’ (a puffy blanket filled with the feathers of her ancestors) that Tink began to emerge as a negotiator. Without rushing to make everything right, and overcoming an impulse to project onto Goose his selflessness, Tink demonstrated an ability to hear both sides of a dilemma and then to resolve it. Soon, he combined his newfound general problem-solving ability and his practical physically-based bent to take on the role of Mr. Fix-It, the first all-purpose handyman on the island.

Tink’s Mr. Fixit sign

Always of a philosophical turn of mind, Tink developed a way of expressing himself that could be characterized as both profound and bizarre. He found words fascinating in this philosophical pursuit and began to string them together in odd combinations. Thus, he had become both a thinker and a poet.

In addition, Tink found Goose an endless source of inspiration with her tales of life back in Gooseville. He asked questions, reflected on the answers, and looked for parallels on Tina. Some of her references to the material world of Gooseville inspired him to invent Tinese versions of the same products, as he used his ingenuity and cleverness to advantage.

In Swedith, Tink found a soul mate, someone of the same openness and caring for others. Inspired by her infectious spirit, Tink became even more upbeat and energetic than before.

Here’s Tink’s house with his piano.

Tink’s house with piano


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