What’s Tina?

Tina is a magical island out in the middle of somewhere. It is called “Tina” because it is a very tiny island floating in the Sea of Tina. A bunch of lovable and eccentric characters— and real characters they are —lives there in sun-ripened ease. Swedith in Tina, the CD, is a collection of their stories.

Here’s a map of Tina. The Map Key tells you which house belongs to whom.

map of Tina showing the character’s houses

1- Goose’s House
2. Lina’s House
3. Lina’s Pool
4. Beanbag Pond
5. Tink’s House
6. The Great Outthere
7. Alfred’s Hut
8. Swedith’s House
9. Snee’s House
10 Monk’s Tree House


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